January 12, 2019

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Today, a few members of the team went to Revere High School in Boston. Team 125-NUTRONs invited Us and a few other teams for a quick build. During this, we were able to finish our chassis and wire the robot. We also got help with the programming. The chassis was put together before lunch and the wire began. The wiring was finished after lunch. Once we finished, we connected the chassis to the brain. We ran into a problem; when the motors spun, the wheels did not. We held this problem for another day. We got information on Awards and Competition from one of the 125’s mentors. She was extremely helpful and we will be able the implement her advice going forward. The programmers installed hardware, helped create a template, created a basic code, and learned about what the code does. This was a very early morning for us as it was a three-hour drive to team 125.