Meet the Team 2018-2019

Learn why they joined and a bit of who they are!


Ana ’19

From: Granger, IN

Building, Electrical, Photo/Media, Art, Awards, Budget

I know how to do taxidermy. I joined robotics because a lot of my friends were a part of robotics and they needed another member on the team.

Andrea ’20

From: Santo Domingo, DR


I joined robotics because I thought of it as a great opportunity to learn, gain experience and meet new people. I enjoy whitewater kayaking.


Coltrane (Coco)

From: Bethlehem, NH

CAD, Programming, Art

I live in New Hampshire and I like to hike and draw. I’m trying to improve my programming and I eventually want to program games.

Emani ’19

From: Chelsea, MA

Building, Electrical, Photo/Media, Art, Awards and Budget

I joined because I’ve done it for three years and I’ve always enjoyed it. Especially since we’re doing FIRST this year. I can play six instruments.

Eric ’19

From: Croton-on-Hudson, NY

Electrical, Programming

I joined Robotics because it’s something I’m interested in. If I had a nickel for every time something I tried here worked, I’d have no nickels.

Gabriel ’20

From: Johnston, RI

Building, Electrical

I used to do sixth grade robotics, and I played with Lego Mind Storms when I was younger. I joined robotics because I wanted to expand my intellectual abilities. I was born and raised in Queens, NY.

Johanna ’20

From: Cohoes, NY

Building, Electrical, Photo/Media

I joined Robotics because I found it interesting and I wanted to try something new. I have a twin who is also on the Robotics team.

Laura ’20

From: New York, NY

Photo/Media, Art, Building

I joined the team because I felt I needed to expand my horizons (pun intended) and try something out of my comfort zone. I prefer the wilderness over the rambunctious, crowded city I’m from.

Lemon ’20

From: Bronx, NY

CAD, Photo/Media, Budget

I joined the Robotics team to try something new. I hiked to Annapurna base camp in Nepal.

Lydia ’19

From: Bethlehem, NH

My sophomore year, I hung out with the robotics group and from that, I joined for my last two years of high school. I hiked “The Long Trail” in Vermont.

Nathan B. ’20

From: Aspen, CO

CAD, Building, Programming

I wanted to do some programming and have some fun. My favorite sports are mountain biking and skiing.

Nathaniel (Bubs) ’20

From: Cohoes, NY

Building, Electrical, Photo/Media

I joined Robotics because, to me, Robotics is a ton of fun and it’s really cool how things go and roll together. I also love engineering so it’s a good intro. I can move my whole scalp.

Nickel ’20

From: Bethlehem, NH

Building, Art

I joined because I like making stuff that has a purpose. I want to be an astronaut when I grow up.

Phoebe ’20

From: Randolph, NH

Building, Electrical, Art

I joined Robotics so I could learn more about building and using tools to build. I am working on getting my private pilots licence.

Richard ’21

From:  Hangzhou, China

CAD, Building, Art

I’m here to learn computer aided drafting (CAD) and be a part of the group and make progress on the robots. Thinking of fun facts isn’t fun.

Nathan (mentor)

From: Bethlehem, NH

I started the FIRST team because we had a VEX team for a few years and we wanted to try FIRST robotics . It seemed like a natural progression and more advanced.

Winston (mentor)

From: Waitsfield, VT

I’m technically a mentor, and I did Robotics as a student and was asked to come back. I’m taking a gap year and working as maintenance at a ski resort.