February 16, 2019

12:00 pm – 5:00 pm

3:45 pm : Happy Saturday! Since we have to stop building soon Nathan has decided to open the Ilab today and tomorrow so we have time this weekend to modify and drive our robot. We have mostly made small modifications and driven the robot. Since today is not a mandatory meeting for the team people have been popping in and out here and there as they can.

Currently Andrea and Richard are working with Nathan to modify the lift. Since the lift can rotate 180 degrees is has been hard driving Murfy and keeping the hook in place. As the robot moves the lift swivels since there is nothing holding it in place. Nickel has placed a stopper by the lift so it can only rotate 90 degrees but that does not hold it in place. Now Richard and Andrea are trying to use an electromagnet to hold the lift in place after it rotates 90 degrees. This has been challenging since we have a small magnet that does not have enough power to hold the lift in place. In addition, we will not be able to get a bigger one in time. So they have been experimenting with different angles, placements, and metals to see what will work best.

Everyone is welcomed to drive the robot and practice lifting the robot onto the platform. Lemon is one of our main drivers and she has been practicing driving Murfy. Since it was hard to tell when to lower or raise the actuators when ascending or descending the platform, we added some velcro as a marker.

Nickel is going to build the 13 inch platform so we can work on climbing the six platform then the 13 inch platform which is seven inches from the top of the six inch platform.

Lemon and Nickel were able to relocate the circuit breaker as well. When the actuators were placed on Murphy, Wilco had to remove the circuit breaker since it was in the way. Now it is by the wheels on a wooden platform and out of the way.

Since we have made all the modifications we can think of today, Murphy was moved upstairs. Since there is carpet upstairs, we practice driving upstairs so we can mimic the conditions of the game. Wish us luck!

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