February 15, 2019

1:15 pm – 5:00 pm

Today, the team was busy working on the robot. Nickel helped to make a shelf for Murphy that puts the turntable that the lift is on, in a “robot turntable shelf sandwich”. Ana worked on soldering for the linear actuators. Richard worked on CAD and rewiring the robot. The robots rewiring is complete. Eric worked on the Lidar system and Nathan C. Everyone was on track with their individual projects. Nathan C. later went on a trip to Home Depot with Johanna and Gabriel to get more materials. Laura, Lydia, and Ana worked on reaching out to more potential sponsors. Phoebe worked on supporting and helping everyone in their individual projects and Emani worked on following up on current sponsorships. Johanna worked on the website and also soldered. Nickel is currently working on making new wheels for the actuators because one of them broke. Also, Nickel is working on the robot with Lemon.

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