February 14, 2019

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

5:00 – Murphy made it back in time for Valentine’s Day and the team couldn’t be happier. Nathan and Lemon we able to go down to Wilco and pick Murphy up during A-Block. He now has three actuators welded onto him. Two in the very back and one in the middle angled downward. Since Murphy was at Wilco, robotics was canceled yesterday, but this weekend the I lab will be open so we can spend as much time with Murphy as we can before we have to stop building.

Most of the team is working with Murphy at the moment. Wires are being stripped and soldered, the actuators are being tested for efficacy, wheels are being attached to the bottom of each actuator for stability and to minimize fiction, the code is being written for the actuators to name a few things we are doing. By tomorrow, we should be able to test drive the robot and tie up any loose ends. There are a few adjustments we need to make to the robot in a certain order because of the actuators but overall, Murphy is looking pretty good.

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