February 11, 2019

1:30 pm – 5:00 pm

2:53 – Today, Nickel painted the robot’s hook neon green while Richard applied the bumpers onto its corners. They plan to install the LED strip so that the camera, which will soon be added to the robot, will be able to see the lift. Johanna and Laura are diligently working on updating the website by uploading new photos and adding an entry to the blog. Erik is perfecting his robot driving skills and is helping Nickel with the LED addition to the robot. Gabe helped bring over the linear actuators, which were larger than the group anticipated. Emani and Lydia just finished talking to five potential sponsors, including Home Depot, Dunkin Donuts and Shaws. Coltrane is teaching himself how to use CAD, and Ana is making a sign for the Robot’s name. Lemon is helping build the robot with Nickel and Richard and going around to help wherever it is needed.

4:20 – Laura and Johanna worked on the website and researching what should be in the team binder to hand to the judges.we could not find anything that helped us significantly, so Emani emailed other teams to ask for their insight. Bubs worked on putting in the bumpers with Lemon and richard. Bubs also worked on planning placement for the actuators. Emani talked to the school about getting more sponsors  and she set up a meeting for getting team sweatshirts and polos. Emani also talked to a member at WPI about team binders, and she has started to put together a safety kit binder. Nickel fixed our grinder in the workshop. Phoebe worked on cutting wheels.

Today was a little tough for the team because this is the final build week until we have to bag up the robot. The team continues to work hard to get done what needs to get done.

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