February ​6, 2019

1:00 pm – 4:30 pm

4:29 – Today is the first day of week five for our team since the break ended yesterday. There is a lot that we need to get done so we have to increase the amount of time meeting time. Now Thursdays are optional and Fridays are mandatory. This weekend we may open the ILab, but, next weekend the ILab will be open. In other words, people have been working on the robot outside of the mandatory meeting time.

Lemon was able to create red bumper covers for the robot with the help of Andrea and Phoebe. They were able to create a cover so it will be easy for the team to switch from red to blue easily. After Lemon finished sowing the covers, Andrea made and pinned, Laura started ironing our decals onto the red fabric. By tomorrow we will also have blue covers made.

Emani began with creating the letterhead and providing the tax ID number for corporate sponsors. Then she worked on the team’s itinerary and food situation as well as where we will be staying for our first competition. Emani emailed the members of our community as well as made update on our Instagram account for everyone to see the progress that we have made. Currently, she is painting the hook on our robot so we can easily line up the hatch panels.

Eric was able to attach the new motor controllers to the lift with the help of everyone on the team. He worked with Nathan to add more functionality to the code. As well as reinforce the frame for the lift motor. In addition. He was also able to test drive the robot with the lift attached to it. In other words, he tested the hatch panel and attached and detached it from the hatch panel space.

Richard and Bubs worked on lifting the robot onto the platform like previously. They were able to order parts for this task today. As well as planned for spacing and figured out how the new parts are going to fit onto the robot.

Nathan B. and Nickel were able to secure the motor attached to the base of the lift. Now we will be able to turn our lift 180 degrees as well as move the lift up and down.

Phoebe was able to clean to wooden split off of our hatch panel.

Johanna worked on our website like usual but she was also able to do some soldering today. On the website, she uploaded pictures and wrote captions for each picture. In addition, she was able to solder air compressors and air controls. These tools will be used when we lift our robot onto the first platform with pneumatics.

Nickel was able to troubleshoot tension and torque problems with the vertical chain lift. As well as make some improvements.

The team as a whole was able to work on the robot at various times of the day. This includes driving the robot, securing the chains, making improvements, testing the robot, designing for the pneumatics, and fixing whatever needs to be fixed. Overall today was a very successful and it was a busy day. We hope to have a fully functional robot soon.


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