Northern Horizons Makes Regionals

7416 Wins first rookie event!

With the help of alliance Team 1519 – Mechanical Mayhem and Team 5687 – The Outliers, we were able to take first place in Salem, NH and secure a spot at WPI’s Regional event, April 10-13

We could not have won this alone. So many teams were there to help us along the way, including Orange Chaos 4564. They took us into their pit and helped us get our robot up and running after we had a few problems. Our alliance partners came by and helped us with the hook, bumpers, and overall help with the robot.

Murphy – Performing very well during our first competition

Eric, Lemon, and Andrea were the drivers, Nickel and “Bubs” were the technicians, Emani was elected FRC’s Social Media Assistant, and Nathan, Coltrane, Phoebe, Gabe, Richard, Ana, Laura, and Johanna were the driver coaches, human players, and team scouts.

Getting ready for finals

Team after competition


District Event Winner NE District Granite State Event
Highest Rookie Seed NE District Granite State Event
Rookie Inspiration Award sponsored by National Instruments

February 19, 2019

Today was the last of the build season and we spent this time driving. It was also Mountain Day, where the entire school goes to Jay Peak to ski and swim in the water park. We got back just before 6 pm, ate dinner, and practiced driving for 2 hours.

We got ready for Bag and Tag, so we made sure the code was working, the robot was working the way we wanted it, and we tidied up the wires. Then it was time to say goodbye to Murphy.

Robotics is over for a week before we have to head out to the competition on Februay 28 at Salem H.S. in NH.


February 8, 2019

1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

As the robotics team works to complete the robot, the end of week 5 became a reality for the team. Laura completed the bumper covers and applied the labels on all of the covers. Nickel worked on the lift and refined the hook. He added a stopper block to the rotation block and added “smush plates” to the lift. Richard added the motors to the gears and started to work on the lifting of the robot.

Laura finishing the last of the decals for the bumper covers
Nickel cutting off the tips of the screws

Ana, Lydia, Lemon, and Nathan C went to Home Depot to get some more machine screws and dremel cut-off wheels (and snacks), to bring to the rest of the team.

As we starting thinking about how “Murphy” was going to climb the platform, we realized we were short motor controllers, so we purchased a few more from VEX. Then we looked at the motors we had and noticed that the plan we had to raise the robot was not going to work, due to lack of space on the bot. We came up with a different plan and decided to go with Linear Actuators. We purchased a couple of them from Progressive Actuators and until they arrive, we will practice driving and fine-tuning what we have.

Richard looking up how to put the gearbox to the motor

Still, to do we have to put the bumpers back on the robot, code the new motors controllers, and possibly move some of the components around to make room for the linear actuators.

Eric testing the robot while Nathaniel reattches velcro to the test stand