February 18, 2019

1:30 pm – 5:00 pm

5:00 – Today the team continued to work of the robot and putting together the binder for the judges. Bagging the robot is tomorrow, so the team is making the last changes to the robot and test driving the robot. Emani worked on team gear and sponsorships. Most of the team worked on the robot. Eric, Andrea, and Lemon worked on driving the robot and testing the actuators. Gabriel worked on the binder and photographing the team. Johanna worked on the binder and the website. A part of the team worked on programming. Today was very busy for the team and we are looking forward to the first competition.

February 15, 2019

1:15 pm – 5:00 pm

Today, the team was busy working on the robot. Nickel helped to make a shelf for Murphy that puts the turntable that the lift is on, in a “robot turntable shelf sandwich”. Ana worked on soldering for the linear actuators. Richard worked on CAD and rewiring the robot. The robots rewiring is complete. Eric worked on the Lidar system and Nathan C. Everyone was on track with their individual projects. Nathan C. later went on a trip to Home Depot with Johanna and Gabriel to get more materials. Laura, Lydia, and Ana worked on reaching out to more potential sponsors. Phoebe worked on supporting and helping everyone in their individual projects and Emani worked on following up on current sponsorships. Johanna worked on the website and also soldered. Nickel is currently working on making new wheels for the actuators because one of them broke. Also, Nickel is working on the robot with Lemon.

February 14, 2019

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

5:00 – Murphy made it back in time for Valentine’s Day and the team couldn’t be happier. Nathan and Lemon we able to go down to Wilco and pick Murphy up during A-Block. He now has three actuators welded onto him. Two in the very back and one in the middle angled downward. Since Murphy was at Wilco, robotics was canceled yesterday, but this weekend the I lab will be open so we can spend as much time with Murphy as we can before we have to stop building.

Most of the team is working with Murphy at the moment. Wires are being stripped and soldered, the actuators are being tested for efficacy, wheels are being attached to the bottom of each actuator for stability and to minimize fiction, the code is being written for the actuators to name a few things we are doing. By tomorrow, we should be able to test drive the robot and tie up any loose ends. There are a few adjustments we need to make to the robot in a certain order because of the actuators but overall, Murphy is looking pretty good.

February 11, 2019

1:30 pm – 5:00 pm

2:53 – Today, Nickel painted the robot’s hook neon green while Richard applied the bumpers onto its corners. They plan to install the LED strip so that the camera, which will soon be added to the robot, will be able to see the lift. Johanna and Laura are diligently working on updating the website by uploading new photos and adding an entry to the blog. Erik is perfecting his robot driving skills and is helping Nickel with the LED addition to the robot. Gabe helped bring over the linear actuators, which were larger than the group anticipated. Emani and Lydia just finished talking to five potential sponsors, including Home Depot, Dunkin Donuts and Shaws. Coltrane is teaching himself how to use CAD, and Ana is making a sign for the Robot’s name. Lemon is helping build the robot with Nickel and Richard and going around to help wherever it is needed.

4:20 – Laura and Johanna worked on the website and researching what should be in the team binder to hand to the judges.we could not find anything that helped us significantly, so Emani emailed other teams to ask for their insight. Bubs worked on putting in the bumpers with Lemon and richard. Bubs also worked on planning placement for the actuators. Emani talked to the school about getting more sponsors  and she set up a meeting for getting team sweatshirts and polos. Emani also talked to a member at WPI about team binders, and she has started to put together a safety kit binder. Nickel fixed our grinder in the workshop. Phoebe worked on cutting wheels.

Today was a little tough for the team because this is the final build week until we have to bag up the robot. The team continues to work hard to get done what needs to get done.

February 7, 2019

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

4:44 – Today is an optional work day for the team. Today is also a short build day. Lemon, Andrea, and Laura are working on the bumpers for the chassis. Andrea is pinning the fabric together do lemon can sew it all together. Laura is ironing decals onto the bumper fabric. Bubs and Phoebe are working on greasing and rebuilding four gear boxes. Johanna worked on the the website as usual. Nickel is changing out the gears and the lift. Nathan was taking pictures of the team working.   


February ​6, 2019

1:00 pm – 4:30 pm

4:29 – Today is the first day of week five for our team since the break ended yesterday. There is a lot that we need to get done so we have to increase the amount of time meeting time. Now Thursdays are optional and Fridays are mandatory. This weekend we may open the ILab, but, next weekend the ILab will be open. In other words, people have been working on the robot outside of the mandatory meeting time.

Lemon was able to create red bumper covers for the robot with the help of Andrea and Phoebe. They were able to create a cover so it will be easy for the team to switch from red to blue easily. After Lemon finished sowing the covers, Andrea made and pinned, Laura started ironing our decals onto the red fabric. By tomorrow we will also have blue covers made.

Emani began with creating the letterhead and providing the tax ID number for corporate sponsors. Then she worked on the team’s itinerary and food situation as well as where we will be staying for our first competition. Emani emailed the members of our community as well as made update on our Instagram account for everyone to see the progress that we have made. Currently, she is painting the hook on our robot so we can easily line up the hatch panels.

Eric was able to attach the new motor controllers to the lift with the help of everyone on the team. He worked with Nathan to add more functionality to the code. As well as reinforce the frame for the lift motor. In addition. He was also able to test drive the robot with the lift attached to it. In other words, he tested the hatch panel and attached and detached it from the hatch panel space.

Richard and Bubs worked on lifting the robot onto the platform like previously. They were able to order parts for this task today. As well as planned for spacing and figured out how the new parts are going to fit onto the robot.

Nathan B. and Nickel were able to secure the motor attached to the base of the lift. Now we will be able to turn our lift 180 degrees as well as move the lift up and down.

Phoebe was able to clean to wooden split off of our hatch panel.

Johanna worked on our website like usual but she was also able to do some soldering today. On the website, she uploaded pictures and wrote captions for each picture. In addition, she was able to solder air compressors and air controls. These tools will be used when we lift our robot onto the first platform with pneumatics.

Nickel was able to troubleshoot tension and torque problems with the vertical chain lift. As well as make some improvements.

The team as a whole was able to work on the robot at various times of the day. This includes driving the robot, securing the chains, making improvements, testing the robot, designing for the pneumatics, and fixing whatever needs to be fixed. Overall today was a very successful and it was a busy day. We hope to have a fully functional robot soon.


February ​1, 2019

1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

3:44 – Today will be the last time we meet as a team since we will be going on break. The next time we will be together as a team will be next Wednesday after the break. From then, until it is time to bag the robot, we will be meeting every day that we can to test out the robot. The lift still needs to be perfected and mounted onto the robot. In addition, we are working on finding a way to get our robot onto the six-inch platform. We will most likely use pneumatics to push the front of the robot up on an angle so the front wheels can roll onto the platform. Then, once the front of the robot has boarded the platform, we will deploy a back set of pneumatic so the robot can be horizontal instead of at an angle. This will then allow us to drive our robot onto the platform. In order to limit friction, we will attach a wheel underneath each pneumatic.

Eric reverted the code to a previous version due to compatibility issues. He then spent some time re-adding features that had been removed, and adding new functionality. He also worked with the build team to get the lift motor into working condition.

Johanna is securing the motor on the top of the lift. She did this by creating a bracket out of aluminum. She then attached this bracket onto the gearbox with screws. Now that the motor is secured to the lift, as the shaft in the motor spins and rotates the chain, the motor itself will stay stationary. Nathan was able to give her some guidance through this process.

Nickel was able to create and attach a hook for the lift. He made the hook out of aluminum C channel and then attached the hook onto the chain. He noticed that our chain tensioner is providing too much tension and that our motor does not have enough torque to overcome that tension. In addition to this, we noticed that the motor was not strong enough to lift the hatch panel. Nickel is ordering a new planetary production gear in hopes of resolving this issue.

Bubs and Richard are planning and designing a way for the robot to climb the six inch platform. They are planning on using four pistons that will push down a set of wheels in the back and in the front. They will board the platform backwards due to the amount of weight on the back with the battery and the electronics. The wheels that the pistons push down will be non-powered and will retract when a certain amount of the robot has made it on to the 6 inch habitat zone. The two sets of wheels/ pistons will work independently from each other meaning that the front will activate first and then the front allowing for the robot to get on the platform. The wheels are omni wheels allowing the robot to readjust to the platform if the robot is not centered.


January 31, 2019

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Today the team is working on various parts of the robot. Nathaniel, Gabriel, Nickel, Richard, Lemon, and Nathan are working on stabilizing the lift component of our robot. They also are working on a way for the robot to get onto the habitat platform. We are going to be using pneumatics to get the robot onto the 6-inch habitat zone. The team planned and designed a way for our robot to get up. Johanna and Laura are working on the website and Emani is working on the sponsorship details. Pheobe is soldering and, Nathan B. and Eric are working on programming the robot. Richard also continued to work on CAD today. Today was a short day for us, but we will continue to make progress on our robot.

January 30, 2019

1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Today is the second day that we have met this week. Some people come down and work on the robot individually after dinner or during their free time. Most people are focusing their efforts on the robot.

2:45 – Lemon and Nathan we able to attach a light on the edge of the control board. They took some measurements and used a 3in x 1 ¾in piece of plexiglass and mounted it on the top edge of the control board. This light allows the team to know when the robot is on, enabled, and disabled. If the light is on and still, then the room is currently but disabled. If the light is blinking, the robot is enabled and has the potential to move.

Nickel, Nathaniel, and Gaberial we able to make a lot of progress on the lift. Nickel was able to create the main frame. The lift is comprised of two wooden side supports and two aluminum shaft on a rotating base. The shafts run through the sides of the wooden frames with sprockets in the middle of each shaft to allow for rotation. This will allow for the life to have mobility. In addition, they have attached a large sprocket underneath the base of the life. This component will enable us to turn the lift 360° and grab any hatch panels within the area around our robot. Currently, they are trying to attach a motor to the lift for mobility purposes.

Eric and Coco were able to add some new additions to the code to make it more compatible with the lift. They were able to test the new code and they noticed that there are some improvements that could be made. They will not be able to test the new code until the lift is remounted to the robot.

Richard is currently conducting research on CAD. He is to construct a chain and sprocket.

Johanna is working on the “Meet The Team” portion of our website. There are a few formatting issues that need to get resolved. Nathan is trying to help her resolve these issues but these problems do not have a simple fix.  

Ana is soldering on a connector for the motor that will be attached to the lift. She is also reinforcing the wires with heat shrink. In addition, she was able to attach the base of the lift to the robot.

Nickel is attempting to figure out how to put the chain on the lift. The chain is not the right size for the lift so he is trying to connect more links to the chain.

Since today is Wednesday, Winston was able to come in and help the team. Right now he is trying to attach a motor to the robot. This motor will be able to move our claw into the proper boundary before the game starts.


January 28, 2019

1:30 pm – 5:00 pm

1:30 – Today is the first day this week we are meeting as a team and we will not be here next Monday because of February Break (2/2/19 – 2/5/19). The week after we will increase our meeting time to Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. Currently, Lydia and Emani are working with Nathan to figure out what a sponsorship plan will look like. Since this is a big task Johanna and Nathaniel are going to lend a helping hand whenever needed. Eric, Gaberial, and Coco are currently working on the chassis. They have taken the control board off the chassis because it was malfunctioning. There was a loose power connection and the control board needed to be removed in order to fix this problem. Once this problem was resolved, they noticed some improvements that could be made and are working on that now. More specifically, they are replacing wooden components with 80 20 aluminum and increasing assessability for future repairs. Johanna and Laura are currently working on our website. Our old website crash and was unrecoverable so a new one needed to take its place. Since we have to recreate our website, they have to transfer the information that was on our previous website to our current one. Until this is accomplished they will not be able to move forward and upload new content. Like usual, Richard is working with CAD. As the team works on the chassis he has been creating new files and updating our virtual chassis. In other words, after the chassis was modified and the 80 20 aluminum was added, Richard incorperated this modification into CAD. As they continue to work on the physical chassis, Richard will work on the virtual chassis. Nathaniel and Nickel are trying to assemble the mount for the rotating chain life. They are currently working with wood for the base and an aluminum shaft as well as a variety of other components that have not been assembled yet. This includes a sprocket, plastic spacer, lock screws, bearings, and nuts. Nathan B. is working on the camera. He wants to be able to process the camera feed on a computer instead of on the robot. He has noticed that there are delays and the quality of the footage is poor. In addition, to working on the camera he is also helping with the chassis and control board modifications. Ana is has been working on our business cards. Our business cards are have been engraved with the laser cutter on wood. It includes our team name, logo, team number, year, website, e-mail, and school address.

2:41 –  Richard is going to teach Coco and Nathan B. how to use CAD so more people are familiar with the program. Johanna is entering the daily updates onto the website. Emani and Lydia have made a lot of progress on the sponsorship packets we will be handing out to potential sponsors. This includes the different levels of sponsors we have as well as what we will give back in return. The different levels are Gold ($501+), Silver ($251 – 500), Bronze ($100 – 250) and donations. Each donor has access to different rewards depending on their placement level. All donors will be featured on our website, Polo T-shirt and will be offered community service.